Every hardship or speed bump on your journey, whether it’s having a disability, not knowing what your college major should be, or getting rejected from a publisher, add up to make you who you are. If it weren’t for my disabilities, I may not have known of my passion for inclusion, achieved my level of education, and become an advocate for others with disabilities.

A Boca Raton Mom's New Kids Book Focuses On Self-Acceptance

Celebrating our differences is what makes us all so special. However, this can be challenging for children who have these things pointed out by others who can express their misunderstanding of differences through cruel words or actions.

Dr. Justine Green entered the world fighting an obstacle that would define her life’s course. She was born with two conditions: Atresia and Microtia. These conditions rendered her deaf in her left ear, and, after multiple reconstructive surgeries, her ear lays flat on her head giving the appearance of missing an ear. Growing up, Justine […]